Atoll Room: Relaxing. Reading. Lounging.

The Atoll Room is our inside lobby area great for relaxing, reading and lounging.

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It's a spacious and comfortable room with several conversation areas where you can visit with friends, curl up on a couch with a book or marine-life guide, play cards or board games, or choose from our collection of movie titles for a movie night on the flat screen TV.

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The centerpiece of the Atoll Room is the spectacular Lighthouse Reef Atoll painting on our floor! The Great Blue Hole is depicted at near center of the Atoll.

Painted to scale, it is a stunning hand-painted depiction of our 28 X 7 mile atoll.

Based on a satellite image and confirmed by local fishermen, the painting accurately represents the locations of the five cayes within the atoll, the Great Blue Hole, the popular dive sites and other reef features all in beautiful living color.

Itza's Gift Shop and Front Desk is located at the back of the Atoll Room and available 24/7. T-Shirts and local Belizian/Mayan handicrafts and a variety of essential sundries are available. 

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Blue Hole just 6 miles away, centerpiece of the painting!

The floor painting was painted by artist Lisa Brunetti, Zeebra Designs.