Arriving Belize City - Getting to Long Caye

Upon your arrival in Belize City, you will need to allow time to clear immigration, pick up your luggage and pass through customs, and grab our shuttle to the Princess Hotel Marina which is where you will hop aboard our scheduled boat transport to deliver you to Long Caye.

On the day of your departure from Long Caye, your boat back to Belize City leaves at 8:00 am, which allows time for you to catch your afternoon flight.

Transportation from Princess Marina to Long Caye

  • Entrance to Princess Marina in Belize City.

Our scheduled boat transport will be at Princess Marina awaiting your arrival, ready to transport you to Long Caye, your final destination to arrive Itza Lodge Resort!

Please note that our transportation to Long Caye is on Wednesdays and Saturdays only.

The island is 50 miles offshore from Belize City.

Transportation to Long Caye departs from the Princess Marina in Belize City at 2:00 pm on the day of your reservation.

Travel time on the boat from the Princess Hotel and Casino Marina is generally 1 1/4 – 2 hours, depending upon the number of passengers and weather conditions. Calypso restaurant is located at Princess Marina and is a full-service restaurant and bar with free wifi.

What to Expect on the Boat Transport Ride:

Your Belize adventure begins the moment you leave the Princess Marina!

As you pass through the beautiful Caribbean waters, keep your camera handy. We travel through the mangrove paths of the Turneffe Atoll. We might pass traditional Belizian fishing boats, cruise ships, sugar cane barges. We often encounter flying fish, pods of dolphins or whales.

Your luggage may not be accessible during the transfer, so we suggest you pack a small bag with reef-friendly sunscreen, polarized sun glasses, a secure hat, camera, wind-water breaker or anything else you think you might like to have available during the journey out to Itza Lodge and Lighthouse Reef Atoll.

  • Princess Marina in Belize City.

Private Charter Transport to Long Caye Belize

Private charter boat and helicopter options are available for arrival and/or departure on any day.

Private helicopter service begins at US $2000 one way.

Contact us regarding PRIVATE BOAT CHARTERS.
We will make the arrangements. Please inquire at if you would like to make alternate transportation plans aside from our scheduled boat transport on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Transportation from US to Belize

Belize is an international travel destination that requires a valid passport, and it is closer than you might imagine!

Belize City is serviced by most major airlines, including American Airlines, Continental, Delta, TACA, US Air, and Southwest (beginning early 2015). Short, direct flights are available from Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and Newark to Belize’s Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE). Please schedule your flight to arrive at the BZE airport no later than 1 pm for same day transportation to Long Caye. Also, if you plan to depart from Belize the same day you leave Long Caye, it is best to book a flight that departs after 11:00 am.

  • flight

Travel Tips:

  • Pack your carry-on suitcase with a change of clothes, swimsuit and any toiletries or medications you may need to have with you. We highly recommend that you pack your electronic devices and their chargers on your person! Remember, we are remote, and though rare, we would not want you to be without items that are important to you should your checked bag miss a connecting flight. Bags that arrive on a later flight are generally delivered to the island on the next day.
  • US currency is universally accepted. The exchange rate is $2 BZ=$1 US. Have smaller denominations available for incidentals ($5-$20).
  • Remember your passport!
  • Remember your Diver's Certificate if you are diving!

Also see packing requirements and recommendations here.

Delayed Flights: Late Arrivals or Departures

If your travel plans to Belize are delayed for any reason for any conditions out of our control such as weather, delayed flights, buses, or lost luggage, and it causes a variation from our scheduled itinerary, it may add to your travel costs at your expense.

Please contact us via email at or by phone at US# 305-600-2585 as soon as you know. We wait as long as possible if we are notified of your delay.

You are responsiblie for the cost of any special transfers that are incurred due to delays of any reason.  If you are so delayed that you do not catch the scheduled boat, you may have to charter a boat to bring yourself to Long Caye, and/or stay overnight in Belize City.  The price for a boat charter begins at US $650.00.  

You would have to pay for the boat charter in cash.  ATM machines are available around Belize City, including the Lobby of the Ramada Princes Hotel and Casino.  

We highly recommend all our guests get trip insurance to help cover your costs in case an event such as this occurs.