MesoAmerican Reef System

Belize Barrier Reef

The extraordinary Belize Barrier Reef and atoll ecosystem is part of the Mesoamerican Reef System, the second largest reef system in the world. (An atoll is a large lagoon with coral formations around its perimeter.) The Lighthouse Reef Atoll, one of only four atolls in the Western hemisphere is part of the Mesoamerican Reef System.

Belize Barrier Reef (Photo Credit: Wiki)

  • Belize barrier reef. Photo Creidt: Wiki

Diving Belize Barrier Reef: UNESCO Video

Lighthouse Reef Atoll is approximately 50 miles east off the coast of Belize City. Equivalent to a large saltwater lake surrounded by a ring of coral in the middle of the Caribbean, the Lighthouse Reef Atoll is 27 miles in length and about eight miles wide.

  • World famous Great Blue Hole dive spot - Long Caye Belize.

Lighthouse Reef Atoll

With its unique variety of marine life in such an untouched state, Lighthouse Reef is one of the largest and most impressive examples of an atoll coral reef ecosystem.

  • Flamingo tongue live snail.
  • Yellow tube sponge, purple sea fan, and candelabra gorgonian soft coral.
  • Several species of gorgonian soft corals and red tree sponge.

Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef Atoll

Long Caye, the largest island within Lighthouse Reef Atoll and the largest island in an atoll in the western hemisphere, borders the southwestern edge of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, and is 2 1/4 miles in length and 3/4 miles at its widest point.

In its entirity, it encompases approximately 600+ acres. It is surrounded by water ranging in depth from three to 30 feet inside the atoll, to over 4,000 feet in depth beyond the coral formation.

  • Aerial view of west end of island.

Diving at Lighthouse Reef Belize

Scuba diving at Lighthouse Reef Belize attracts people from all over the world.  They come to Lighthouse Reef to dive this magnificent underwater paradise and explore its magnificent marine ecosystem that extends for miles.

  • Coral reef at Lighthouse Reef Belize. Photo Credit: Wiki

Within the atoll and a few minutes away from Itza Resort are two UNESCO World Heritage sites, Half Moon Caye Bird Sanctuary and the Belize's most famous diving spot, the Great Blue Hole.

Additionally, we are near some of the world’s most pristine reefs and dive sites, including the Aquarium, Half Moon Wall, Long Caye Wall and Cathedral.

Diving The Aquarium at Long Caye Belize

Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef offers extraordinary opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, photography, sailing, recreational and sport fishing, sea kayaking, bird watching, swimming, relaxing and exploring in the midst of Caribbean magnificence  of Belize.