Good to know

  • Small classes (usually 1 to 2, never more than 6 person)
  • Free equipment rental, weights and tanks
  • Minimum age for Discover Scuba and Open Water Course is 10 years
  • Diver under 14 years are restricted to 16 meters / 40 feets

All course prices are exclusive 12.5% sales tax. 

PADI E-Learning

Get prepared and start your course at home. Find more informtation on the PADI website

Is an effective way to learn about the dive theory before doing your course and allows you to get prepared in advance. The PADI Open Water Diver Course online for instance will take approximately 12-15 hours to complete. Please check on the PADI E-Learning website about E-Learning availability for your desired course.

Get Started

Discover Scuba Diving (10 years +)
USD 195.00 (incl. Logbook)

Your Discover Scuba Diving Course includes a theoretical introduction into Scuba Diving on shore, a confined water dive and a shallow water dive, all equipment included. Additional Dives afterwards are possible for a rate of USD 60.00. We can also provide an Open Water Certification upon arrival for a special price. We ask you to provide as with a medical attest.

  • Dives Included: 2

Open Water (10 years +)
USD 550.00 / USD 375.00 E-Learning
(incl. Manual and Charts, Certification Card, Logbook)

Ready to get into the real blue adventure and become a PADI Open Water Diver? Your Open Water Course includes several theoretical skill trainings, 3 confined water dives and 3 shallow water dives. We guarantee you after that course you will not leave the water again.

  • Dives Included: 3 shallow water, 3 deep water

E-Learning: The PADI Open Water Diver Course online will take approximately 12-15 hours to complete. Did you E-Learning before? Bring the E-Learning form with you. Arriving at Itza: our Instructor will go over relevant open theoretical questions before you start with the practical skill training in the water. Step by step you will complete your Open Water Course with us and become a certified PADI Open Water diver.

Open Water Referral
4 Dives / 2 Days = USD 350.00; 3 Dives / 2 Days = USD 325.00; 2 Dives / 1 Day = USD 265.00

You started your Open Water Course already with another Dive Center and want to complete it with us. We would like to guide you through your skills and theoretical training as well as your final exam. A new diver always brings a smile on our faces. Please don’t forget to bring your Open Water referral form with you filled out and signed by your Instructor at home.

Skill - up

Refresh your skills
USD 90.00

You are a certified Diver but you didn’t dive for a while. Don’t worry diving is like riding a bicycle – you will get back into it quickly but its more safe and easier with a Refresher Course. You will go with your Instructor or Dive Master over the most important skills (45 minutes) and he will make you feel familiar and comfortable with your dive equipment. After that you will start with a shallow dive and once comfortable dive more into the deep.

  • 45 minutes theoretical skill training
  • 1 guided dive

E-Learning is available but it might be enough for you just to reread the Open Water or Advanced Open Water Manual and if you have questions discuss them with your Dive Master/ Instructor.

Advanced Open Water (12 years +)
USD 450.00 / USD 300.00 (E-Learning)

As your first step in continuing diving education, the Advanced Course improves your skills, comfort, and knowledge underwater. You will take five specialty dives which may include: Deep, Navigation, Underwater Naturalist, Multilevel, and Boat/ or Night Dive (depending upon scheduling). You choose and together with your Instructor you will set up the skill schedule that is possible at Long Caye and our reef system.
E-Learning: The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course online will take approximately 8 hours to complete.

Become more Professional

Rescue Diver – more knowledge more safety (12 years+/ minimum of 40 dives logged)
USD 650.00 / USD 550.00 (E-Learning)

This might be one of the most demanding and in the same time the most valued course you could do with PADI. Why? You will learn a lot not only about rescuing, safety and managing different situations but also about yourself and your personal limits. You will be for sure another diver after that.

Get ready at home and complete your First Response Primary and Secondary Care with CPR and First Aid. Note that the completion of your course should not lay back more than 24 months.

You will learn how to respond properly in a minor and major dive emergency situation. In scenarios your Instructor will deepen your dive and rescue skills step by step. Topics will include:

  • Self rescue
  • Recognizing and managing stress in other divers
  • Emergency management and equipment
  • Rescuing panicked divers
  • Rescuing unresponsive divers

E-Learning: You can start now with your Rescue Diver course online and complete the E-Learning at home. Arriving at Itza Lodge you will fill out a eLearning Quick Review to see if there are open questions.

This course can be completed within a 3 day period. Get in contact with us to clarify questions and set up the best scheduling for your course.

Go Pro

Dive Master (18 years +; minimum of 60 dives logged)
USD 1400.00 / USD 1200.00 (E-Learning)

This course is for everybody that wants to lead dives as his profession. It can be completed within a week period. Get in contact with us to clarify questions and set up the best scheduling for your course.

What you need to bring:

  • Rescue Diver Certification
  • ERP & CPR Course, completed within the last 24 months
  • Minimum of 40 logged dives
  • Experience of deep dives, night dives and underwater navigation
  • Medical attestation signed by a doctor

You will learn how to lead as a Dive Master: Organize dive trips logistically, learn how to do a proper gear up, briefing and debriefing, prevent and respond to open questions / problems, navigate dive sites and overall how to interact with divers in a leadership role.
Additionally your will learn how to assist to the Instructor in his role as a teacher and supervise Divers, Students in overseeing their dive skill training.

You must pass various water skills and stamina swimming tests; demonstrate Open-Water-course skills, map a dive site and prepare an Emergency Response Plan to get through to your final exam.

Other costs – There is a separate application fee due to PADI that needs to be submitted with the Dive Master application once the course is successfully completed.