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Dive into the Blue with Us

There are so many Dive Centers in the World. Why should you dive with Itza or choose any dive course with Itza Diving Lodge?

Most pristine Dive Sites in Belize and probably in the whole Caribbean: Belize has the second largest Barrier Reef in the World and it is in a good condition. What takes hours from other resorts is just off our shores. Experience the western hemisphere's largest barrier reef and most pristine atoll. We are usually in and out of the Blue Hole before other dive companies arrive for the day...giving our divers an experience of a lifetime! A wonderful underwater world with beautiful colored Corals, Sponges, Sea Fans and a huge variety on small and big creatures is awaiting you.

Short boat rides: The dive sites are all located within a few minutes boat ride from the island. This allows us to choose always the best dive site for you regarding weather conditions. And for what other spends hours to travel to: The Blue Hole is only 15 - 20 minutes boat ride away from Long Caye. Come with us and be the first diver/ snorkeler in the Blue Hole in the morning.

Our service: we transport, clean and set up all of your equipment from dive to dive. The only thing we ask you to do is to relax between the dives. We return to the Lodge for all surface intervals (except Half Moon Caye island visit day), so you can recharge and get ready for the next adventure below the surface. Our service on board the boat includes: briefings, drinking water on board, fruit on board for Half Moon dives, divemaster (max 8 divers / divemaster), signing logbook + stamps.

Bring your own wetsuit and equipment OR rental service is available. The equipment rental fee is $35 US/person/day and includes fins, mask, snorkel, BCD, regulator, and wetsuit. Choose your gear rental options when booking your trip to ensure availability of sizes.

Personal: Our Dive Masters and Instructors have more than 7000 logged dives and certified over 500 Divers. They will take care of you and teach you far beyond the diving standards. All of them are dedicated divers and Dive Master which first priority is always your safety and in the same time your happiness.

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What to Expect - Facts on a Short View

Belize offers all year round good diving conditions!

  •  2 - 3 Dives daily at 08:00 am, 10:30 am and 15:00, weights and tanks included
  • Night Dive around 6:00 pm when scheduled (depending on weather condition)
  • Dive sites with not much traffic and visitors or other divers
  • PADI certified pro Dive Master / Instructor
  • Most of the time not much current at all
  • Visibility from 50 up to 100 feet / 15 to 30 meters most days
  •  Average water temperature of: 78 – 86F; 25 – 30C
  • Dolphins, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sharks, Turtles, Groupers, Tarpons, Octopus, Sea Slugs, Shrimps, any many more fish and creatures – just keep in mind: the ocean is not a zoo but you might see all that and more on one dive
  • A lot of fun and many impressions – don’t forget to bring your camera

What to Bring

  • Dive certification
  • Wetsuit (we have 3mm shorties available to rent)
  • Underwater light for night dive 
  • Underwater camera (if you have one)
  • Cash for marine park fees paid directly to Belize Audubon Society - $30US/pp Blue Hole $10US/pp Half Moon Caye

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Your Safety

Although scuba diving became more and more safe over the last decades the safety procedures in diving are still essential to prevent dive accidents and minimize risks. Therefore our Dive Center respects the PADI standards and is also working together with the Hyperbaric Chamber in San Pedro. We are diving in the buddy system and never without a Dive Master.

  • Our equipment is checked on a frequent base: tanks are yearly inspected and high pressure tested, the regulators and BCDs are maintained constantly
  • Your Dive Master will talk with you about your dive experiences and skills before your first dive
  • All dives are guided: Our Dive Crew knows the dive sites very good and is well trained also in emergency procedures
  • A proper briefing will be done before each dive
  • A First Aid Kit as well as an Oxygen Kit is always on board the boat
  • We do have a safety & rescue plan for any cases
  • Diving the Blue Hole requires in minimum an Advanced Open Water Certification Level or proof of 20 logged dives showing experience in deep diving to a depth of a 100 ft. It is your Dive Masters decision to decide whether you are ready for the Blue Hole or you need more skill trainings.

Good to know: There are two Hyperbaric Chambers in San Pedro reachable within a 40 minutes helicopter flight.

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